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Asylium...I am guessing you want to improve the steering on a 1963 I-H Scout restomod?  The OEM steering is a Ross cam-and-lever design with a long worm tube and rigid column tube, much like the vintage Jeep CJ or pickup gears.  This is a high wear, inefficient steering gear design. 

The common replacement if you can fabricate and safely weld together a mounting kit to the frame would be a Saginaw manual recirculating ball-and-nut gear or a Saginaw rotary valve integral power steering gear if you want power steering.  I use the older, slower 4-turn lock-to-lock 800-series Saginaw gears for shorter wheelbase vehicles.  I avoid the fast ratio steering gears and small steering wheels.  

Try Advance Adapters for the steering gear mounting bracket.  They have a kit for vintage Jeep steering conversions to Saginaw.  You would need to mate an upper steering column to the open stub shaft Saginaw gear, much like a GM car or light truck application.  Advance Adapters can share details about a double-D steering shaft with universal joints.  That shaft fits between the steering gear's stub shaft and a GM upper steering column. 

You will need the correct steering gear and pitman arm to match the direction of your draglink/long tie-rod.  Tech support at Advance Adapters will be helpful.  Phone 1-800-350-2223 or go online to https://www.advanceadapters.com.  They are familiar with your vintage/early Scout model.


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