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Jeep Dauntless 225 V-6 Oversized Pistons

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Have just disassembled ’69 225 which has 42,000 original which I believe to be accurate due to condition of rest of CJ5. This sat, obviously for years at a time. Lot of sludge, blocked oil passages in head etc. Engine components all look very good. The only thing I really question is the cylinder walls have wear marks which remain after cursory honing. Pistons appear good as do the rings. I’m leaning into boring and going over sized. My question is are 2nd pistons and rings available and where.  Thanks

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Jim L, I was surprised to see that mainstream listings for this engine are fading.  I searched a bit and found Falcon at eBay.  You could contact them about 0.010" or 0.020" oversize pistons:


Another sources for vintage pistons, I've used them for obsolete engines, is Egge Machine.  They have 0.020" oversized pistons, rings, etc., for your 225 V-6:



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