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I ride a 2007 Arctic Cat 700EFI  with 12,000 miles on it (yes, thousand).  It has performed flawlessly for every one of those miles. 


In my quest to make my ATV a little "better" for the areas I ride, at 5,500 miles I chose to add slightly larger tires.  I went from 25x10x12 (rear) and 25x8x12 (front) to 26x11x12 (rear) and 26x9x12 (front)  nothing too drastic.  I am now on my second set of the larger tires.  Shortly after putting on the first set i noticed the clutch was getting "grabby" when starting from a stop. 


My dealer said it was simply caused by dust in the belt drive and all I had to do was clean it out.  This was far easier than I assumed, but it did not solve the issue.  So I changed the drive belt, again easy just not cheap.


I was researching after-market parts sites for other upgrades and found some info about clutch kits.  I found that Dalton Clutch had some good but somewhat sketchy details on their site.  So I called and talked with one of their folks and we determined that where I rode and my tire size really dictated that a clutch upgrade was in order.  I ordered a kit that was engineered for my larger tires and riding at altitudes greater than 3,000 feet.  (They have other kits, too.)


The install was almost as easy as cleaning the clutch.  There are videos on the Dalton site and on YouTube.  The best part was I did not have to open the engine case.


The bottom line is that my ATV rides like it did when it was new.  And the best news was that the kit cost less than $180.00.   I recommend this upgrade to anyone with larger tires,  just be sure that your machine has enough power to accommodate the tires—but that is for another thread.

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This is very helpful information, Nevada ATV, and welcome to the posts! 


I have a friend in engineering at Chrysler/Jeep powertrain, and Ray is an avid ATV guy.  He's talked about Dalton Clutch, and they do extreme ATV riding with engine performance mods and suspension work.  Oversized tires I'm sure get into that mix.


I'll see if Ray has time to enter this discussion, he can "do the math", too!



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