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Low Warm Idle Problem After Full Tune Up (1995 YJ 2.5 Manual)

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A big thanks to @Moses Ludel for letting me post here.  I'm fairly certain they don't have adaptive ECUs (outside of capacitors anyway), but I wonder if there is an idle relearn procedure/reset on our YJs? I replaced my plugs, wires, cap and rotor with all new Mopar parts, replaced the air filter, cleaned the TB and IAC valve with the appropriate cleaner and took care not to be rough on the IAC pintle. Snugged everything back up, installed new gaskets, and checked for any loose or unseated connections, but I keep experiencing a low idle when warm.

It's fine when cold, but after driving to work when I sit in neutral with it idling, it hangs around 550-600 RPM and you can feel it as the Jeep shakes more. I bought another TB gasket and will take a look at my connections in that area. I should mention, I checked for codes but I have no MIL lit up and the only code is for the absence of AC, which I don't have. :) If anyone else has any ideas, or if I can do an ECU reset, please let me know. Thanks!

Also, I added a picture of Cherry to the post. :)



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mphilleo...Check the TPS (throttle position sensor) voltage.  Disturbing the TPS can cause this kind of idle issue. (The TPS is a failure prone part; they do wear out.)  Check the connections to the TPS then the voltage.  If you disconnected the TPS, this could be the issue...Also, the O2 sensor may have picked up debris from the cleaning.  

Very clean Jeep YJ!!!


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