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Need air conditioner parts for 92 tracker

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I bought a nice 92 tracker clean body, motor runs good and drove it two hundred miles home. Seller reported that Previous owner removed the AC. I got home and got to looking, there is no evidence of AC ever been on there. I need parts. compressor mounting brackets, evaporator box are the main things, i will put a new evap coil, condenser coil, compressor and hoses on. I might need the dash bezel, mine does not have the compressor on button, it is blanked out, I suppose I could just add one there, but dunno.  This is a bone stock set up with the 1.6 motor. I am in Texas, so nuff said about AC


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johnbell...You need a complete donor vehicle to see what you need.  I would spend time at a recycling yard going over a Tracker that has factory air conditioning.  Take notes and cell phone pictures.  A wiring schematic would help, too.

 There are also aftermarket air conditioning kits available, but that bumps up the cost.  Keep in mind that your engine has small displacement and won't be very happy with the added drain of an air conditioning compressor.  A friend described his experience with a Geo car:  He could not go up grades with the A/C on.  Maybe your neighborhood is flatter.  We understand the need for A/C at Texas...

Anyone out there able to assist johnbell?


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