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Need to create hydraulic brake, clutch, fuel or cooler lines?  Want to learn more about brake tools, brake tubing, fuel tubing, hydraulic fittings and types, hydraulic flare tools or the FlareForce pneumatic flare tool?  Will manual flaring tools work on your project?  Whether you are a DIY or professional tech making brake, fuel and cooler lines, if you want to know more about forming and flaring steel tube, stainless tube, Poly-Armour® coated tubing, or selecting the right brake fittings and brake grade hardware, I recently covered this topic in detail at 4WD Mechanix Magazine.

Safe brake work is critical, and the lack of useful brake service information online prompted me to spend months creating a comprehensive how-to series on forming brake, fuel, cooler and other hydraulic lines.  In this series of how-to videos and articles, you will find prime details on how to build quality, professional grade steel brake, fuel and cooler lines.  The coverage includes the many safety concerns involved with this kind of work and tips on how to assure the best results.

Want to go up the learning curve for professional level brake or fuel system work?  Need to confirm your knowledge of hydraulic tubing and brake systems?  Need to know what tools are available, the proper use of these tools and how each tool type performs?  The in-depth series is available at:


This additional hands-on video coverage includes the new SUR&R PFT409 hydraulic flare tool set.  Hydraulic flare tools have become increasingly more popular for DIY and professional shop use.  Here is a cost-effective way to get professional results.  The PFT409 is now one of my "best pick" tools for 3/16" and 1/4" brake and hydraulic tube flaring: 


The overall goal is safe, professional level forming of steel lines with proper flare types and fittings.  Whether you're building a project vehicle or replacing your rusty and unsafe brake or fuel tubing, this HD video how-to series will provide the guidelines you need. 

Professionalize your brake, fuel and other hydraulic tubing work by studying these articles and videos...


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