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Ok, got my subscriber membership now. 

So, after not doing much with the jeep the past couple winters due to my snowbike hobby I jumped back in yesterday. I have to reassemble the front axle and clean the rear axle housing. I ran into trouble with the new front wheel studs that came with my new wheel bearing hubs. There is a shoulder behind the knurled section that would not allow proper press-on fit. The jeep parts vendor sold me the wrong studs it appears. Napa was able to look up studs for a scout and I was able to look at one to confirm it will work. A second problem I found was my new rotors that I purchased almost 3 years ago. I went to test fit one and found that the hub hole is too small, under 4” and it needs to be over 4”. They are for a 81-86 CJ. I’m guessing I need mid-70’s.

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Thanks for changing from Member to Subscriber Member, 53HiHood...We value your participation and always like the detailed post photos!

Glad you shared the issue with the wheel studs, the approach you took sounds like the safe, correct fit.  The serrated stud sections need to fit flush with the hub flange and not interfere with the wheel holes.  The wheel must fit flush to the rotor or drum face. 

This becomes even more of an issue with aftermarket alloy wheels that do not have raised sections around the stud holes.  Same issue applies when aftermarket wheels interfere with factory spring retaining washer/nuts:  The wheel will not fit flush with the face of the rotor or drum.  Most aftermarket wheels require removal of the factory-type spring retainer washer/nuts to fit the alloy wheels flush against the drum or rotor.

Note:  Steel wheels have raised areas around the bolt holes to create a greater range of tension against the acorn nuts;  this is a time-honored safety measure. 

If you have the time, one of your outstanding photos would help illustrate the stud shoulder issue:  Stand the new "Scout" stud next to the wrong stud from the Jeep parts supplier (with the hub flange's thickness within view).  Your photos always tell the story!


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So, case closed. I put this project off so long I had forgotten how to re-assemble the front axle. I’ve been working on modern pickups so much I forgot that the rotor mounts behind the wheel hub on these old Jeeps. Rotors and wheel studs fit fine.

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