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YJ 2.5L TBI distributor gasket leak

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I have replaced the gasket around the dist shaft, not much more that a week later it is leaking again. I used a feel-pro gasket, I have always had good luck with them. This area of the engine isn't pressurized is it? Both surfaces were very clean when I put it together. Possible that the crankcase isn't venting?

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If the housing clamps down securely to the gasket and block, there should be no leak.  Have you confirmed that this is the point of oil seepage?  If so, the housing could be cracked, there could be a restriction preventing the housing from fully clamping down, or the drive gear could be riding up on the camshaft gear and forcing the distributor housing upward.  If oil were weeping from the housing higher up, it could be a worn shaft bearing or a distributor shaft seal issue.

To confirm clampdown pressure, try installing the distributor without the gasket in place.  If the housing seats against the block, the gasket should seal the housing tightly.  If the housing rides higher than the block, and if the gasket cannot compensate for that clearance, you will have a leak.

If you have too much crankcase pressure, you could develop a leak at the distributor base gasket junction.  The rear main seal and valve cover gasket would be vulnerable, too.  Check the crankcase ventilation system.

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