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Problems with gauge cluster and power locks.

Recently, I disassembled the dash on my 2001 Cherokee Sport in order to replace the evap and heater cores. Everything seemed to be fine for about a week. Then, one day, the door locks stopped working. I replaced both modules with new ones, still didn't work. At the same time, I got the NO BUSS signal, and noticed that when I turned the headlights on, the tac and fuel gauge dropped off and the air bag light came on. When I tried the unlock/lock button on the DDM the horn honks and the rear defroster switch light comes on as well as the shift indicator lights. The windows seem to work fine. I have cleaned the cluster gauge contacts (several times), checked for broken wires to the DDM & PDM, checked fuses, grounds, etc.. Does anyone know what I'm missing? My next step is a new instrument panel connector.

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DocMc...This sounds like a No BUS issue.  I would suspect either a plug connector issue or poor ground in the circuit.  In any case like this, retrace your steps back to the evaporator/heater core work.  Before investing in a new instrument panel connector, which was a common issue on models like my '99 XJ Cherokee, look for plug issues like a bent or damaged pin, a poor connection, oxidation or a loose ground terminal. 

Wiring and oxidation can be an issue.  Grounds are equally important to hot leads and plug connections.  If you do not find a poor/loose ground or connection, you can consider the instrument panel connector.  This plug is notorious for faulting in earlier XJ applications.  Perhaps you've seen my coverage of this subject at the magazine?  If not, go to:  http://www.4wdmechanix.com/How-to-XJ-Cherokee-Erratic-Gauges-Fix?r=1

Let us know what you find...


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Thanks for your advice. I picked up the patch harness today. I will go through the fuses, grounds, etc. first. If that doesn't work, I'll install the new harness. The parts man was helpful and gave me a break on the price. He said if I didn't need it I could return it. Pretty decent. Will keep you posted. Thanks again.

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