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There are many times when a pinpoint reading of brake hydraulic pressure is useful.  Brake safety and vehicle handling require the right hydraulic force at each wheel of the vehicle—at the right time!  Knowing precisely how much apply pressure is available at the master cylinder, combination valve, ABS system, wheel cylinders or disc brake calipers can help troubleshoot weak brakes, grabby brakes, brake pull, erratic handling under hard braking, hazardous wheel lock-up and more. 


Whether you tackle your own vehicle service or operate a 4x4, OHV or motorcycle shop that depends on customer satisfaction, one valuable tool for brake system diagnostics is a hydraulic pressure tester.  Maybe you're installing a retrofit rear disc brake upgrade like some of our forum members.  Or you put oversized tires on your 4x4 and now a major braking issue has developed...If you take brake work seriously or find yourself in need of pinpoint information on a brake system's performance, consider a hydraulic brake and ABS diagnostic tool kit like this: 


post-1-0-58234800-1372891267_thumb.jpg post-1-0-30887700-1372891263_thumb.jpg post-1-0-41509300-1372891266_thumb.jpg post-1-0-02584900-1372891265_thumb.jpg

This tool kit can pay for itself quickly in pinpoint hydraulic brake system diagnosis. Click on images to enlarge.

(If you cannot see the pictures, join the forums for free, and get full member access!)


I find this tool valuable.  You can separate hydraulic problems from mechanical issues, or ABS issues from defects in rotors, brake drums and friction materials.  With the assortment of fittings, the kit can work on most domestic and import vehicles. 


If you're having trouble separating brake performance issues, don't waste time and money on parts replacing that fails to solve problems...Take the guesswork out of brake work.  Know how the hydraulic system performs before you leave the shop or driveway—not by trial and error.  Invest in the right diagnostic tools!



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