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1995 ford f super duty E4OD automatic transmission shifting trouble


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Hello, looks like very informative forum so I'll post my dilemma.

 Started out not going into reverse after a while of working in the bush used as a small dump truck.

Next morning reverse worked fine again. This has gone on for some time. Truck not used that much.

I decided to change the MLPS or neutral safety switch to perhaps correct this problem. I have checked and rechecked the wires and colours and even tried another new switch

and what I get is reverse in low, and some forward gear in reverse. Starts in N and P. Backup light goes on in R.

I'm at my wits end with what could be the problem. Yesterday I dropped the pan with the thought that I may have broken something in the shift linkage but all I found was a bent  e type circlip in the bottom of the pan.

Any help greatly appreciated,Thanks, arby123


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Arby123...The circlip is a likely clue.  Check all transmission internal shift linkage and parts alignment.  Find the home for this circlip.  The manual valve inner detent lever nut is one of the areas to check.  Check the manual valve linkage thoroughly from outside the transmission case to the valve body.

A quote from the Ford F-truck factory E4OD shop manual section is important:  "...Manual valve inner detent lever must be seated on flats of shaft, and rod assembly must be through guide plate."  The manual lever roll pin at the oil pan mating face below the manual shaft is critical to aligning the manual lever.  Look over the manual valve linkage carefully.

If not a mechanical linkage issue, this could be a solenoid issue, probably the low-reverse solenoid.  If the internal transmission linkage is not the problem, check the shift solenoids.  The wiring is an obvious place to look, but this could be a solenoid that is actually defective or slipping out of position.  The fact that the situation is erratic leans toward a loose wiring connection or a defective and/or loose solenoid.  

For solenoids or switches, it's hard to diagnose this by "try this, try that" method.  The use of diagnostic equipment that interrogates the flow of electrical current and the functions of the solenoid circuits is always helpful.  Are you getting any codes?  If so, please share them, that will at least narrow down the problem area.


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Hi Moses,  What I found yesterday that I think was the problem was the small shaft or pin that sticks into the manual valve that slides back and forth had jumped a couple of nothches in the sliding valve. I found a picture on the net that shows it in the first slot. It may have happened when I undid the shift lever from the side of the tranny. The nut was very tight and I probably banged the wrench with my fist to break it loose. I am now going to check if that circlip is supposed to be somewhere on that sliding valve to prevent this from happening. I can't find a clear picture or diagram on the net so far to indicate if there is one there or not.

Thanks , arby123

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