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Hi Im installing a new axleshaft and hub I've pressed the bearing on and slid the shaft in but the bearing doesn't seat flush is it supposed to be sticking out a 1/2 inch? I've slid the old one in and it's the same 1/2 inch sticking out does the brake plate suck it in place?

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Cj7Shane...If this is a Model 20 AMC axle, there is a spacer block between the axle shafts.  Make sure the spacer is centered properly.  If not, this could account for why you're having the same problem with both axle shafts.  Make sure the new shaft is the same length as the original.

If this solves the issue, make sure that you torque the axle shaft nut to a minimum of 250 ft-lb and note that the correct final torque is the proper stickout length of the threads from the hub's end face.  Read through these two threads:


We can go further if necessary...


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