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Hi all, I am here to know about the things we can do to secure a mobile app. I have designed a travel guide app. I don't have much experience in mobile app development and this is my first time. I have heard about about virus attacks to app and I want to protect my app and device from malware threats. While searching online for tips to protect the website from threats, I found an interesting one: https://nci.ca/how-to-protect-your-website-from-hackers/ .

I have a plan to integrate more features to this app. Will there be any chances of malware threats when this app goes live to public. Will someone be able to hack the data and build a similar app? What should I do to protect my app?

. Is it recommended to approach IT security services and seek their help to secure my mobile app?

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Honestly, your best bet would be to talk to some of the security guys in any major IT dept security section, or, look for forums dedicated to security and app building. It also depends on if your planning on an open source or closed source app, as well as what platform it will be for, I.E. Android, Windows, Apple. Each of those platform have risks, but, those risks are platform based. I'm not an expert, but i do know open sourced, Android apps are typically less prone to attacks than windows based apps, but are also, since they are open sourced, easier to copy. Look on the google play store, and look at just how many similar apps there are, for almost anything, that all do the same thing, such as apps for navigation, or, the best example, or, at least, some say that is what happened, is how Lyft in some ways copied Uber's idea. I also have heard that apple based apps are more secure by design, but also harder to build and make work, due to apple's policies about security. 

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