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Big Acerbis fuel tank install

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When I got my 2002 XR650R, it happened to come along with the Acerbis long-range fuel tank (20 liter Sahara model I think). The tank had been crashed up pretty good, bondo-ed and repainted (more than once apparently) with car paint (!), which was bubbling and flaking all over the place. The stock tank was on the bike though, and after one look at the bulbous monstrosity from Acerbis, I almost didn't even carry it away with me.

My rides so far are not all that long, and a gas station has usually been within reach, so I haven't really felt the use for a big tank. But I kept it all the same.Now, after several years of the tank sitting in the sun, rain and dirt before I got it, and several more years of the same after I got it, I have decided that I'm going to take a long trip (at least that's the plan). The trip is to be from Lagos, Nigeria (where I am now) to Bujumbura, Burundi (where I'm moving back to - I lived there for a few years a while back). Expected distance to be covered is almost 5,000km through some daunting places (if I take the most direct route).  

So the Acerbis is gonna come in handy after all. Maybe. If it's still any good.

I've drained it and washed it out (luckily it was pretty clean inside) and started to remove a lot of the paint - that was mostly just flaking off anyway. After getting most of the bondo off, I see it's got some pretty deep gouges in it, but fortunately it's intact underneath. I've removed the petcocks and rebuilt them (apparently they're of pretty good quality, because despite being fully seized with dirt and oxidation, the rubber parts are still usable and all I had to do is clean them up and reassemble with some vaseline). My only fear is that since the plastic is pretty hard and dry, one more good crash on the left side and the thing is gonna split open like a coconut. Since I never fall (NOT! :) ), I think I'll risk it.

Thinking back to the good advice on this forum from when I rebuilt the top end of the motor, I decided to check back in before actually installing the tank. Lo and behold, Moses has a how-to video posted just waiting for me! (Thanks Moses!).

From the video, I can see that the tank uses some hardware (lower stabilizer brackets and fasteners/spacers) which I don't have. They look like they'd be pretty easy to make, but since I'm gonna be in the US in July, I figured I try to get them there. I've sent an email to Just Gas Tanks, so let's see what they have to say. I hope they'll be able to sell these pieces separately. If not, maybe someone (Moses?) could send me pictures or even dimensions of these things so that I can try to make them myself.





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David...I'm very happy with the Acerbis tank on my XR650R.  The company is Italian with an outpost at Idaho in the U.S.  Either source might be able to furnish a blueprint of the parts or an actual mounting kit with everything but the tank itself.  Here's the English/U.S. catalog online and other Acerbis information:


For those interested in my detailed installation of the Acerbis tank on our XR650R, here is the video that David mentions:




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