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Well my power steering is on its last leg and screaming at me literally to be changed. I ordered a NEW pump and a serp belt and also the puller tool for the pulley. My main concern is to flush the system so I have all new fluid in there. whats the easiest way to go about this?

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Unless the old pump is sloughing metal, my approach would be to pump out the old fluid with the current (old) pump in place. If you're using P/S fluid as the flushing agent, I would disconnect the steering gear's return line at the pump (engine off) and seal off the open return fitting with an appropriate plug. Extend the return hose to a convenient location and use a drain pan that will not splash fluid around.

Jack up the Jeep's front axle and set it on safety stands with tires off the ground. Start and run the engine until the return fluid starts "spitting". Shut off the engine...Connect the return hose to the reservoir and refill/top off the reservoir with fresh fluid. (This may require topping a few times.)  Always cap the reservoir before running the engine!

Run the engine to circulate the fresh fluid, turning the steering left and right slowly. Avoid fluid spills by planning for this process...Repeat the flushing process. You will eventually have primarily clean fluid coming out of the gear and pump.

Replace the pump, attach hoses, fill the fluid and cap the reservoir.  Front axle still on stands and tires off the ground, run the engine and turn the steering in both directions to purge air. Once the system has no notchy sensation and feels like full power assist, shut off the engine. Top off the fluid then drive the Jeep to test the gear and pump. Engine off, recheck the fluid while hot and top off to HOT line on new pump's dipstick.

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