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I am a disabled man of 56, my speedometer cable broke and they want the length, 73 International 1210 Camper Special 4x4, 392 big block, automatic power steering and a/c , I can't seem to see where it connects behind dash due to my disability, does anyone know the length so I can order it and have a shop put it in, please any help would be appreciated, thanks again for having me, and anywhere besides IH to buy it from. 

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bluesteel48aj...Welcome to the forums.  There are two ways to replace a speedometer cable:  the entire cable with cable housing or just the cable.  If the housing is okay and not splitting or rough inside, it can be cleaned thoroughly and lubed by a capable shop.  The cable itself can be constructed from a universal cable kit with ends.  

Like you share, an NOS I-H cable with housing would likely be expensive.  I would first have a shop determine whether your original speedometer cable housing is serviceable.  Then a universal cable can be sized to length to restore your speedometer's function.  Here is an illustration of the parts I'm describing:


This is just one example of the universal cable kits available in the aftermarket...Dorman and others also offer these kits through general auto parts stores.  NAPA would likely be a source.

Pioneer makes complete cable/housings for many vehicles.  You might be able to match your 1210's speedometer cable and housing to a currently available choice, one that is the proper length with correct fittings at each end of the housing.  Here are some Pioneer catalog offerings for speedometer cables:


https://www.summitracing.com/nv/search/part-type/speedometer-cables?sortby=Default&sortorder=Ascending&keyword=speedometer cable&kr=speedometer cable

Lokar also makes speedometer cables, and your I-H speedometer housing has typical American thread types at each end.  Though not inexpensive, this is an option:


To begin, the shop needs to first disconnect your speedometer cable from behind the dash/speedometer and at the transmission/transfer case.  They can then remove the broken cable pieces and make an assessment whether the entire cable/housing needs replacement or just the cable.  If you need an entire cable with housing, your original cable/housing can be completely removed, measurements taken, fittings evaluated, and a match can be found.  Of course, if a cable core is the fix and the housing is still usable, that would be a much simpler repair.


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