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I have a 1990 YJ and the intermittent wipers don't work I replaced the moter several months ago and just relaced the switch still no intermittent and it will not "park " the wipers to one side just where ever they are turned off any suggestions?


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Dean...Since the motor and control switch are new, the trouble should be the intermittent wiper (delay) module.  There is a variable resistor in the wiper switch that sets the timing for the delay.  You have a new switch (presumably for an intermittent wiper system), so the resistor should be working.  There is a test for the solid state module unless you simply want to try another one.

The module is in the wiper wiring circuit between the wiper/washer switch and the wiper motor and washer...There are non-intermittent and intermittent type systems and switches used in the Model 81 YJ Wrangler.


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