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Well here she is after living in a barn since 1985.  All original and completely stock 1979 Terra with 69000 miles on her..

She had a few run in's with cows and trees, but all in all, nothing that my body guy cant fix..  Plus I have some good front fenders as well as rear quarters if it is too bad..  No rot in rockers or floor except one hole in the bed which can be fixed with a patch from another 79 bed..

Got the LST and may just keep her original since she has a 304, T-19 BW Close Ratio tranny, Dana 20 TC, 3.54 gears with rear Trac Lok..  Not much to gain by swapping the 345 & Dana 300 since we don't have any rocks to climb, just flat terrain and beach.. 

I talked to the guys at Novak and they said that the only difference in the 20 vs the 300 is the 2.0 to the 2.6 low range ratio and the cut of the gears..  they actually said I would be just as good with the Dana 20 unless I just wanted the lower gearing..  so I will do some calculations using the T19 vs the 727 and the 20 vs the 300 with the 3.54 gear ratio..  bet it is close enough to not go through a engine & tranny swap.. we will see,.

I will give her a bath and start sorting out some things then get her running and see where I am before finalizing a plan..  I have many options as I have this Terra for the base vehicle, a 1980 Scout II with a crappy body, but a real good 345 4 Bbl. with a 727 & Dana 300, and a 79 Traveler parts truck with a 727 tranny, Dana 20 and good fenders and rear quarters as well as many more parts....

Not going to be an easy decision, but I am leaning to keeping it as original as possible but making it extremely dependable to go down the road as well as South Padre Island with out major hiccups..

General theme will be a Safari/Family Cruiser that can go topless, Safari Top or a full Traveler Top.. with a full length custom roll bar set up from drivers seat to tailgate..

This should keep me busy for a while, :D







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Gene...Very exciting to have choices like this.  I'm partial to the manual iron case T19, and though the Dana 300 is helically cut gears (quieter) and a lower low range ratio, the D20 is a rugged, well tested transfer case used in many trucks to 3/4-ton capacity.  Since gearing is not a major concern, the 2:1 low range ratio is not a deal breaker if restoration simplicity is a goal.

The 1980 D300 is a one model year phenomenon and valuable to Scout owners for its "State of Texas" D20 front face pattern.  Likely good trading material if you don't use it.  The 345 V-8 is a gem, regardless.  The A727 gets lots of points for an automatic, my Ram's Cummins/48RE overdrive version of the RWD A727 is an example of how these transmissions can hold up.  (Though not a favorite among many Ram owners, mine has nearly 160K miles and still works well.  Much is how you drive.)  Your preference for automatic versus stick.  I can build a case for either.  I would say that the T19 with synchromesh on each forward gear and close ratios is rugged and fun to drive.

Watching with great interest as you immerse yourself in all things Scout II, Traveler and Terra once again.  These end of an era I-H trucks are a prize with their D44s front and rear, disc front brakes, Saginaw integral power steering (popular option) and other features...Keep us posted and thanks for the great photos!


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Take a look at these HP & Tq numbers and you will see why I would just stay with the 304A if it is in good running condition.   Kind of shocked me also..

These figures are from the CTS-2304 manual

Brake H.P. (Max) @ RPM 193.1 @ 4400
Brake H.P. (Net) @ RPM 180 @ 4400
Torque (Max) Lb. Ft. @ RPM 272.5 @ 2800
Torque (Net) Lb. Ft. @ RPM 262 @ 2400-2600

Brake H.P. (Max) @ RPM 196.7 @ 4000
Brake H.P. (Net) @ RPM 168 @ 3800 (Yes I know this seems like it should be wrong, but it's not)
Torque (Max) Lb. Ft. @ RPM 309 @ 2200-2400
Torque (Net) Lb. Ft. @ RPM 288 @ 2000

Being as they are the exact same engine with a different stroke, I was pretty surprised that the 304 produced more HP albeit at 600 more RPM and only 36.5 lb/ft less Tq...

This was posted by one of the Scout Guru's on Binder Planet some years back..

Could save me a lot of work by just keeping the original running gear especially since it will not see very hard work..and as you say, the D20 is a very robust TC..

Your comments?



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If this data is correct, in part it would be engine tune.  You're at the peak era for carbureted engine "de-tuning" to meet emissions.  Comparing the spark timing curves would be revealing.  The CTS-2304 should be a reliable FSM for that data.  

I would also check the I-H camshaft and valve timing profiles for these two engines.  Could be different patterns to build torque in the 345 and horsepower in the 304.  There is a significant improvement in the 345 torque at a lower rpm.  Even if the camshafts are the same, the longer stroke 345 would naturally produce more low-end torque—like comparing the AMC/Jeep 232 and 258 inline sixes.  The 258 has a quick torque rise like a diesel while the 232 was used in AMC cars like the Pacer.

The 345 has impressive torque figures, and that's what I-H would want in a base engine for medium duty trucks.  The 304 was obviously intended for the light truck line.  These engines share basic architecture but have different torque expectations.

You can surely get by with the 304/D20 powertrain for a Scout II or Terra.  However, if you were after more torque and a lower speed engine with quicker torque rise, the longer stroke 345 would be your pick.

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