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So your thinking about removing and painting or replacing your fender flares?? DONT!! My L/F fender has some rust on the top so I figure take the fender flare off ..do the body work..and paint her up real nice. Let me tell you..What a BEAR it was getting that flare off. It took me 3hrs. Every bolt has a fastener behind it and every one of the were spinning so I had to get behind them and hold the inside fasteners with a vice grip. After about the fourth one fighting me to the last thread I was lying on the driveway exhausted with my eyes close trying to muster up some more energy..Im 67 so things don't go easily for me anymore. Scared the crap out of my neighbor. He came running over and was calling my name. He thought I had a heart attack!! LOL..So as far as the rest of the flares they are getting taped off and painted ON the TJ..Flat black looks really good..Sooooo..If your thinking about this kind of job..I say..FORGET IT!!

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Thanks for the heads up for others, Superwinch...I'm 67 but adhere to my 69 year old brother-in-law's mantra:  67 with an 18-year-old's brain!  

We're still in the game, I'll be 68 next month...I ride dirt motorcycles as an incentive to stay in shape, walk and toss the ball a lot with our Border Collie/Aussie Shepherd, and generally won't slow down—consciously.  We bought a Bowflex Max Trainer and swear it will not become a coat rack.

My wife is a certified yoga instructor and reminds us that "a body in motion stays in motion".  So, next time your neighbor is within sight and panicking while you're still on the ground, do a couple of sit-ups in his line of sight.  You can recover your breath later...


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