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Took my half shafts out so i could send brake drums to turn. I think it looked like the wheel bearings are lubed my the diff oil. Is this right? Shouldn`t be packed with greese?  Another question is what about torgue ? I will use the old bearings . They are in great cond. Need only new inner seal. Does someone know part numbers of these seals. Need also the outer pinion seal nearest the propeller shaft. Thankful for some advices.


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bjornebraten...I don't have a 1973 I-H 1200-Series shop manual, but I do have a Motors Truck Manual that covers the same era as your truck.  There is no entry for I-H rear wheel bearings, so I went to the Ford F-truck section.  

Ford uses the integral Dana/Spicer 60 rear axle, and here are the Ford steps.  Note that you do pack these full-floating hub bearings with wheel bearing grease, and Ford recommends making a "dam" of wheel bearing grease to help reduce the dilution of the gear lube that normally migrates to these hub bearings.  You have double protection that way:

Spicer 60 Ford Rear Axle Bearings.pdf

Note:  The specs that would reflect your I-H Dana/Spicer 60 would be for the F-truck, not the E-250 or E-350.  You also need to pay attention to "full-floater".  Motors Truck Manual has both the semi-floater and full-floater details listed.

The Ford specifications should provide a good idea of the axle bearing adjustment procedure.  Of course, if you find a copy of the factory I-H shop manual covering your truck, you would get the I-H version of these procedures and specifications...Note that you do need the correct hub bearing endplay, which is measured with a dial indicator.  End play of hubs is not rocking the hub, it is pushing the hub inward then measuring the straight outward movement or play.  Keep the heavy drum/hub assembly as level and even as possible during this step.


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