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Hi guys and gals...New to forum.  Looking to diagnose a whining noise in my 94 tracker 5 sp. 4x4 138k.  It seems to make whining noise (almost like it has a mild cam) when sitting idling with clutch out...By out I mean not pressed.  When I press down on clutch it goes away.  No noticeable noice when driving but it is a ragtop and rather noisy from wind.  Any suggestions on diagnosis?  Thanks in advance. 

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This sounds like the front/input bearing of the transmission.  It might be the clutch throw-out bearing, as depressing the pedal will sometimes stop a release bearing noise.  A bad throw-out bearing would be easy to diagnose with the transmission removed.  This bearing is replaced routinely with a clutch replacement.

This noise and the clutch pedal position rules out the crankshaft pilot bearing.  A bad pilot bearing whines when the clutch pedal is depressed with the transmission in a gear and not neutral.  You describe a condition with the transmission in neutral.

Before condemning the transmission input gear bearing, make sure the transmission gear lube is not low...Inspect the lube quality and level.


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