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Swapping a Getrag 6spd into a '96 XJ (NEED SPEEDO conversion)

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Good morning.

I'm building up a 2wd, 5spd xj that's going to be lowered with a 5.2/ 5spd and picked up a Getrag 6spd and thought that it would be neat to have a 6spd in it and YES it bolts right up to the 5.2 and splines fit along with the pilot shaft and Slave cylinder and Shifter is even pretty dang close!!

If you personally want to voice your opinion on your DISLIKE of the Getrag, just keep it to yourself and go away.. I would much rather have GOOD information pertaining to utilization of the 'stock' Getrag speedo output to a 'conventional' speedometer. Thank you very much..


You can see the speedo plug here in the first picture, at the rear top of the trans.






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rockosocko...The speedometer match-up might involve Dakota Digital.  They might have a quick solution, search the website:  http://www.dakotadigital.com/.  Summit Racing and others carry Dakota Digital products.

Surprisingly decent fit for the V-8 into an XJ Cherokee.  Mopar all the way!  How are you increasing the front spring rate to compensate for the V-8 weight?


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