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Shane...How does the XJ bracket match up with your existing ZJ bracket's firewall bolt pattern?  Do you have holes or thread nuts at the firewall (in these positions) to accept the bracket?

The concerns would be 1) fitting the complete bracket with pedals to your firewall, 2) you would need to mount the brake master cylinder and clutch master cylinder at the engine side of the firewall, 3) the XJ bracket and underhood firewall mounting pattern would need to accept your ZJ brake master cylinder, or 4) otherwise you would be using the XJ brake master cylinder as well.  You need to make sure that the brake master cylinder and clutch master cylinder pushrods will work with this bracket.  These pushrods need to be the right length to allow the brake master cylinder and clutch master cylinder pistons to retract completely when the pedals release.

What year is your ZJ Grand Cherokee?  What year is the donor XJ Cherokee bracket and pedals?  I can look at the factory parts for manual transmission models with clutches.

I'll contact Mario at the Philippines and ask him to provide input from his experience with a swap like yours and the use of XJ Cherokee parts...When he responds, we can broaden this discussion.


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Shane and others considering a manual transmission conversion in a ZJ Grand Cherokee...This is the comparison of part numbers and bracket designs between the Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee (1994 model year used as a prototype) and the Jeep XJ Cherokee (also a 1994 model year prototype for comparison).  I added the 1994 master cylinder and booster comparisons, including XJ models with and without anti-lock brakes.

Compare the component designs and the part numbers.  You can zoom-in for details on this PDF...Note by part numbers what interchanges and what doesn't.  There is even a YJ Wrangler example for comparison (note that it is much different) plus a RHD model clutch linkage listing which is strictly for comparison and also not applicable to LHD models.  

The ZJ Grand Cherokee was available with a 4.0L engine and manual transmission (AX15), though these donor vehicles for parts would be very rare.  Also note the brake master cylinder and booster part numbers, matching the brake components is critical to a safe conversion:

Jeep ZJ and XJ Comparison of Manual Clutch Linkage and Master Cylinders with Boosters.pdf

This explains what fits and what doesn't fit.  Be safe with these conversions, make sure the brake master cylinder and other parts match up and fit properly, especially the pushrod for the master cylinder as noted in my post on April 2nd above.


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Shane...i purchased a xj brake and clutch pedal assembly  from  a junkyard. then i remove the zj brake and mounted the xj pedals.  i use the holes which are already in the firewall, this is the brake hole for the brake rod and the hole for the clutch rod, which is near to the brake vacuum booster. i also purchase a new clutch master cylinder and the slave for jeep zj from rock auto.

new clutch pressure plate assembly, old flywheel from the ax15 trans and had it resurfaced. i used the old trans support from the xj adopted to zj cross member but i drilled new holes to fit. i modified the driveshafts by removing about an inch in the rear and adding 1 inch in the front drive shaft...this is all i do.

my zj runs good but i don't have a tach and speedo. ill try to use the aftermarket. my zj grand cherokee is converted from FI  to carburetor. this is what i can share.

Mario Bedayo

1994 Jeep zj 4.0 converted to carburetion and an AX15 manual transmission


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