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  1. Thanks Moses, I was thinking along the line of fluid pressure too since I'm not getting any codes and the electronic items I've checked so far have been spot on for voltage or resistance. I do get a loud sound in 1st and 2nd like an 18 wheeler in low gear, it's not as loud in 3rd and sound normal in OD. I did ask the tech if this problem could be from a failing pump and he said no, I'm not to sure about that one. I still need to do more looking into pump failure. Jeff
  2. My 95 F250 has a very late shift from 1st to 2nd under heavy throttle getting on the highway. The motor is turning 3000 RPM and I'm only doing 30MPH, I have to back out of the gas to get to up shift to 2nd then a delayed shift into 3rd. It's shift ok at light throttle on the city streets 1st into 2nd at 1200 - 1500 RPM, 2nd to 3rd at 1800 - 2000 RPM and into OD. I had the issue before I had the transmission rebuilt new TC, Center Support Kit, Valve Kit, Solenoid, Clutch's, Shift Kit. I've replaced the VSS, TPS and MLPS. I'm not getting any codes and there's nothing odd in the live data. Has an
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