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  1. Thank you for the reply. The problem has been solved. It was a loose ground wire on the pump inside the tank. Thank you for the reply. Always very informative.
  2. New to the group, but have already found it the be very helpful. So here's my issue. I have an 88 YJ with a TBI 2.5 that is giving me a headache!! It starts, runs and revs just fine. Warm or cold. But under a load (upon initial take off) it stubbles and will eventually die. Then it's a hard start. I removed the fuel filter and replaced with a fuel pressure guage. After it's been acting up, it doesn't idle well either. When it stumbles on idle, the pressure is dropping from 17lbs to 10 or even below at times. I've rebuilt the throttle body and replaced the regulator at the time. Should I assume a bad fuel pump or something else?
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