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  1. Hello all Just updating on my post of May 5. Tested voltages and grounds, all OK. Finally gave up and bought a new PDM. IT's cured. I suspect one of the relays in the PDM was going bad, or had a bad solder joint. 343,000 miles, not surprised. Thanks.
  2. Hello Moses, and all in the forum I just spent a few hours over two days on an old problem with my 1998 XJ. Power locking is erratic, unlock is fine. Sometimes works fine for a few days, sometimes not at all for a month. Sometimes finally locks with 100 pushes of power lock button. Same problem right or left door. Same with remote. When pressing lock, it clicks all 5 servos but doesn't lock. I did replace the left DDM, since I had a window lock problem also. That problem is solved, now, but locking remains the same as the past few years. I've read info in a few forums, and completed the PDM continuity test and switch test. I even went to the library to get a wiring diagram. Everything checks out, including the door ajar, key in test. It's so odd that it briefly clicks all 5 actuators briefly, but doesn't lock. I see the problem covered quite well here, but this seems a little different. Any thoughts?