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  1. Hi Moses, I did read the article on the differences between the late and early model synchro rings and sleeves previous to even attempting to rebuild the transmission and while it was a little confusing as to which was which I was able to get through it with what I believe to be the right parts. You also mention the input shaft rear bore pilot bearing which made me remember something when I was putting the transmission together. The new bearing fit the bore of the input shaft fine, but there was what I would call "Considerable" play between the bearing and the mainshaft. I compared it with the old bearing which seemed like it was in Okay shape and noticed the same amount of play, Is this normal? Could I have gotten a faulty bearing? Could the main shaft be so worn that it will not fit the bearing tight and precisely? Or could be just be that I got a sub par quality rebuild kit? I found the kit online and it was not a Crown kit that I so often hear referred to. It was a no name kit that cost a little over $200.00. The kit came with a new shifter ball, plastic bushing. I remember thinking when I changed the bushing on the shifter to the new bushing that came with the kit thinking, "Wow this feels really loose and doesnt seem to fit any where near like the original" which was a bear in its self to get off. I will continue to check the basics but I am already more of the opinion that I will be pulling the transmission again and starting from scratch with a Crown rebuild kit.
  2. Hi Moses I purchased your AX-15 rebuild video on vimeo. I also downloaded the AX-15 service manual before I started this project. When I started this project it was supposed to be a simple clutch install. How ever when I removed the transmission from the Jeep which is a 93 YJ Sahara. I noticed that the pilot bearing had grenaded and part of the inner race had welded its self to the input shaft on the transmission. I figured since I will have to tear the transmission down to replace the input shaft I might as well do a full rebuild since I had noticed some grinding going into 3'd gear on occasion. I ordered a new input shaft, and full rebuild kit with bearings, seals, synchro rings and what not and began the process of doing the rebuild. I followed your video to the T and verified everything with the shop manual. I got everything rebuilt and installed back in the jeep and everything worked fine albeit a bit on the tight side. The transmission shifted with no issues smoothly for about the first 5 miles. I then parked the jeep over night and when I went to drive it the next day it would grind horribly trying to get into 4th gear and would not go into 4th at all. Even if I put the jeep in 4th and then started the motor and let the clutch out it would just pop right out of 4th. There is also now a subdued but high pitched whining noise from the transmission. Any idea on what could be wrong and why it worked fine until I parked it and then everything went to the birds? The Jeep has a new friction disc, Pressure plate, Pilot bearing, Throwout bearing, New bearings, synchro's, seals, shifter bushing and seal, Transfer case was rebuilt with new bearings, new chain, new range fork, new mode fork pads, slip yoke eliminator kit, New heavy duty rear driveshaft, new Ujoints in the front drive shaft. Front and rear diff fluid changed and sealed. Tons of work to get the driveline back into good shape and now the trans has started having problems it never had before.
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