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  1. Hi Moses, I did read the article on the differences between the late and early model synchro rings and sleeves previous to even attempting to rebuild the transmission and while it was a little confusing as to which was which I was able to get through it with what I believe to be the right parts. You also mention the input shaft rear bore pilot bearing which made me remember something when I was putting the transmission together. The new bearing fit the bore of the input shaft fine, but there was what I would call "Considerable" play between the bearing and the mainshaft. I compared it wit
  2. Hi Moses I purchased your AX-15 rebuild video on vimeo. I also downloaded the AX-15 service manual before I started this project. When I started this project it was supposed to be a simple clutch install. How ever when I removed the transmission from the Jeep which is a 93 YJ Sahara. I noticed that the pilot bearing had grenaded and part of the inner race had welded its self to the input shaft on the transmission. I figured since I will have to tear the transmission down to replace the input shaft I might as well do a full rebuild since I had noticed some grinding going into 3
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