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  1. Not being a mechanic all of this is kinda iffy but I bought some parts for the steering assembly and hopefully if it breaks down further these parts will help fix it... I used links like the ones you gave me and found parts and wifey brought them back from u.s. But a friend who knows something about cars told me rebuilding this steering assembly is labor intensive and so it's best to put up with the leak until it gets bad enough to pay the $ to fix it, especially since parts could be expensive - and perhaps impossible or very hard to get - if the ones I bought don't do the trick...
  2. Thanks for the tip on rockauto. I'll check it out. The problem is - as near as I can tell - I'm not a mechanic - is that Trackers were made in a bunch of different countries and several different manufacturers... and the Suzuki and the GM and the Vitara and the Tracker and etc make it a bit confusing to find the right parts, especially those of us not living in the USA and parts can be harder to find in a foreign country. Plus things changed from year to year, too, no? I've never had a car before where there seem to be so many different models... And because parts are not widely avai
  3. Will something like this from amazon likely work to fix this leak? Parts Master 8825 Power Steering Pump Seal Kit by Parts Master Honestly I have no clue what this picture is of, so I don't know what exact seal to look for. All I know is someone told me this is where the steering fluid is leaking from.
  4. Okay then, but how do I know I'm getting the RIGHT Factory manual for my car? Based on the VIN? Or?
  5. Okay so I'm here in Central America where parts are hard to find for my Canadian made Chevy Tracker 4x4, 1999. So I'm here to ask about repairing my leaking steering fluid. 99 Tracker 4x4, Canadian made, 2 door, 1.6ltr engine Went to a mechanic, he noted the leak, said "we can't fix this, you'll have to try to find the parts", and so here I am... I am attaching a photo of where the leak seems to be. FULL DISCLOSURE: I know very little about cars, some basic stuff but certainly am more of a "layman" than a "mechanic". What I gather (?) is that I can't just replace the seal it
  6. So: I'm trying to buy parts at amazon because my wife is in the us and I'm in central america where she'll be coming soon. I figure it's easier to check on amazon if the parts are right than it is to trust some guy she talks to at an autoparts store, her not knowing anything about it. Or is there a better place I can get the right parts online and have them sent to her by mail so she can bring them back here to me? Amazon asks for lots of profile info on my tracker and I have it all except for these: "Trim: Base or lsi"? And: Body Type:e105 e167 j105 j167 And last: Wheel base 8
  7. Moses, thanks a million for this idea. Yes according to pictures online someone put a longer stick with a twisted end into our 1.5 liter engine and somehow got it to fit in there and who knows whether the car is running low on oil or not because it's the wrong stick! Gas station attendants and others had trouble getting it to go in but eventually it would. Then I couldn't get it to go back in and so started checking online about it and found that it is the wrong stick (2.0 litre stick in a 1.6 liter engine). Now I've gotta get a yearly check for the government of Costa Rica and
  8. Thanks for the info. I lucked out before receiving this reply and ran into a mechanic who happened to have a used differential laying around and he was able to install it and it seems to work fine. However I'm still hearing a click-click-clicking noise coming from the right rear or center rear of the car. Someone said it may be the "cross" that is loose, not sure what that means. Hopefully it's simple and cheap as I'm already down $320 on this, replacing brakes and seals etc. due to leakage. Good to know about them being built to the same standards but it's been my experience that pa
  9. The dip stick on my 99 Chevy Tracker is very VERY difficult to get to go all the way in. It goes about ¾ the way in and then gets stuck on something. Someone told me replacing the dipstick won't help, that it's stuck on something inside. If so how can I fix it? Also can I drive it without getting it all the way in? Right now I went to check the oil and a half hour of trying to get it back in has ended with nothing but frustration and failure. I figured out that the dipstick in my car is the one for the 2 liter engine so that's why it doesn't work. However, I went to the parts s
  10. I have a 1999 Geo Tracker. I live in Costa Rica Central America and the challenge is to find parts for this, specifically a Rear Differential (used). I am told that what I need to know in order to get the right part - IF I can find one - is the gear ratio or the number of teeth in the gears (I'm not a mechanic and know very little about this, so assume I'm a dummy). But I can't find this info anywhere. Can anyone help me? Also when checking the VIN # on various sites on the net, one site says my car has a 2 liter engine and the other says it's 1.6. How can I tell which it is? Ap
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