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  1. Thanks Moses for the great article on Dana 30 to super 30 the detail and pointers were very helpful I've always wanted to set up the gears in a diff. But have never had a clue how to do it your article was ( SUPER ) thanks again
  2. The dome lights in both my Comanches were not working at all so I pulled them out and checked the power to the plugs some had power and some didn't so the ones that didn't I pulled the door jam switches and replaced them cost less auto parts had them in stock then I took the lights and sanded the contacts clean put the lights back in and like magic they all work you can rocker the lights down and they come on or you can rocker them to the middle and they won't come on at all or you can rocker them up and they come on when you open the door or you can turn the head light switch counter clockwise and they come on it's so nice to have dome lights I've been doing without for a couple of years so if your dome lights aren't working try this and you could have doom lights too good luck.
  3. The new engine is running really good the machine shop ( Oregon Engine Rebuilders ) replaced three valves,two connecting rods , bored 0.30 over , mains 0.20 , rods 0.20 and put a RV cam in , the cam gives it a little more on the top end it came stock with 4.10 gears so I put 31" tires under it and that helps keep the rpm's down on the highway I'm still breaking the engine in l only have 400 miles on the new engine I'm running rotella 15w-40 diesel motor oil for the break in I'll run it for another 100 miles then do the first oil change its a lot of money and work for a 2.5 liter but it's a blast to bomb around in plus since it's a 1988 no more D.E.Q. We use it for a daily driver I'm getting ready to rebuild the front axle I've already put new hubs , rotors, calipers and brake hoses new ball joints on the right side new track bar new drag bar new tie rod ends new sway bar bushing and sway bar links and bushings new rebuilt manual steering box ( Red Head in Seattle WA. ) with a good 4 wheel Alignment so it drives really nice lm thinking about changing to the one peace axles and do away with the vacuum fork shifter I haven't decided if I'm going to stay with the 27 spline or go to the larger ones with a ARB locker I've got two 88 Comanches and the other one has the 4.0 liter I want to build one for off roading and one for bombing around town I just need to decide witch one to build for off roading any imput will be greatly appreciated.
  4. My 88 Comanche 2.5 liter doesn't have a wot sensor did some of them not come with them or maybe some one took it off when I wasn't looking
  5. Thanks Moses, Egr vacuum switch solenoid that's the part I am looking for I really appreciate the help
  6. l pulled the engine out and sent it to Oregon engine rebuilders they bored the cylinders 0.30,mains 0.20,rods 0.20 replaced two of the rods three of the valves and put a RV cam in it I put a new oil pump in and reassembled the motor with new water pump, thermostat, radiator, all new hoses, new valve cover ( plastic just doesn't work very well for a valve cover ) I've replaced the oxygen sensor,water temp sender, oil pressure sender, ISA, CPS, MAP, MAT, the EGR valve seems to be working but the EGR valve solenoid doesn't seem to be working it has vacuum to it and no vacuum coming out witch I think is right but when I unplug the switch I think it should have vacuum going to the EGR valve but there is no change I want to replace it but I can't find the part any were jeep part number is 53002483 by chance is it a GM part I would like to make sure the EGR is working properly some people think I should just by pass it but I believe it will cause more problems down the road because it's tied into the gas evaporative canister MAP sensor ECU and it helps lower height cylinder temps it's running really good it's like getting a brand new truck any help finding a EGR valve solenoid would be greatly appreciated I also have a 88 Comanche with 4.0 a 88 Cherokee limited with the 4.0 and a CJ5 with the 304 I've done a lot of work on the CJ5 it's a lot of fun to drive all are drivers also in the stable is a 06 chev with the duramax and a 06 dodge with the Cummings and only 29,000 miles on it I don't seem to have enough time to drive them all plus l have a 84 chev 3/4 ton suburban with just under 40,000 miles on it l haven't started it in the last ten years I want to get started on it pretty soon it looks like I have a four wheel drive used car lot but I get a lot of satisfaction working on them .
  7. I can't find a EGR solenoid valve anywhere not even the dealership is it a GM part ? The jeep part number is 53002483
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