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  1. Well, I am getting ready for the plunge. My CJ7 and my nearly second CJ in parts are for sale. I just put them on craigslist this morning and already had a guy from Southern Wisconsin make the drive and buy a set of fenders. After I get the Wagoneer mechanically sound, I want to put in a tasteful lift that flows with the Wagoneer. I think for my driving style and 4 seasons of Iowa, I am looking at 4 inches of lift and 31s. Part of me is even considering a 6 inch lift but, I believe I need to repress this side of me. I've been doing some research and from what I can see Rustys and BJ
  2. Moses, I just got back from test driving a '91 Grand Wagoneer. It definitely needs some TLC but I think it is going to be a great project and family hauler. Luckily it has not spent all of its life in Iowa. Its body is solid with only a few rust bubbles. My older two children may be upset, but I may have to sell the CJ7. For the whole family being able to enjoy it together, it may be worth it. It definitely has more room and style than my former XJ. Our tech exchanges may soon go from CJ to Wagoneer! I've moved our conversations to the forums, like what you've done! Take care, Chad A.
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