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  1. Thank you so much for such a quick and detailed response. My "AllFords57" comes from a very long relationship with Fords. I do love my Ford trucks! From my first 67' w/ 352, 73' w/390, a 76', 77', 78', 91' & 95' I have to admit my love for this 95' is worn thin. My C6 comment just stems from years of being around and it seemingly being a "bullet proof tranny" Thank s again.
  2. Hi Moses, I read a lot of post with regards to the E40D Trans. I'm adding mine to the list. I have a 95' F-150 4WD, it has a 351 with the E40D. I do not believe I am "Hard" on my truck but if the trans. is bad this will make number 4. The truck has 150,000 until I bought it at 114,000 I don't think it pulled anything. Within a couple of months of buying it, seals blew loosing all the fluid. Replaced with a remanf. unit 20,000 and one year and ($2400) it goes again. This time no remanf. yard tranny, low mileage I have them check it over new filter, oil and ever it takes make it right. 3 months. 3000 miles warranty 14,000 miles, here we go again. By this time I have so much wrapped up in trans, that I go the cheapest route another yard trans, 3 months, 3000 miles. This one lasted 4 months and 1500 miles. So here is where I'm at, fluid level is correct, no burnt smell, at low speeds it's like when a manual trans. clutch is slipping engine starts to over rev., no additional speed, let off the gas and "catches" a little when I finally get up to speed it's better but as soon as I slow down....it was fine when I parked it 2 hours later this. A couple of questions, could an electrical problem be at the core of these issues, do the "codes" show up anywhere that (I) could see them or is a special scanner required? Are the E40D really that bad? what are their reputation, finally why would they replace something as great as the C6. Thanks for any help. Sincerely,
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