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  1. You said in your leak down test video, that some of the damage was caused by the filter not seating properly. Would a filter that sits directly over the carb be a better option? Thanks-Logan B.
  2. Moses, as always your thoroughness is must appreciated. I have a 2001 xr650r with "low miles". I'm performing a leak down test with the same snap-on machine you used in your video, however the manual wasn't included in the used purchase. I'm doing this so I can eliminate an engine rebuild on my list of must do's to the bike right now. In the future I plan on street legalizing it, with baja headlight and tusk products. Another quick question, I saw someone on YouTube doing a leak down test on a motorcycle engine during the process he hit the top side of the valves with a piece of wood and a mallet to break up potential carbon build up so there wasn't as much of a leak. Is this something you suggest if the leak is greater than 20%? Doesn't sound right to me. Thanks!
  3. Hey, Moses, I've been watching your xr650r videos. I was wondering how much psi you input into your snap-on device to perform your leak down test on your motorcycle engine. Would too much air force the piston down in the cylinder, open the valves, etc? I'm looking at doing a leak-down test on my bike soon and thinking the whole process through. Thanks!
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