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  1. Moses and Gene, Thank you for all of the good advice! The motor runs good from driving it but I will definitely run a compression /leak down test and see where it lands but my guess is that is should be ok. Will definitely keep it all intact and original. I do have 44s front and rear but more than likely I will swap out the front for a newer model...same size but one with discs already on it. My guess is that I can pick one up for less than the conversion kit and just do some minor fabrication to get it under the scout but we will see. The back will come later at some point. Any more pointers and tips you have are welcome...can never get to much input and advice when trying to learn a new subject. Thank you again for all the help! -Brannon-
  2. Hi there....I am just getting into the Scout out world....been in jeeps for a bit but now I have a 1973 scout 2...stock 305 and stock auto tranny (tf 727). Body has rust on rockers, a bit on the outer rear skins, rear corner and rear bed pan...other than that it is fairly solid. The tranny lower seals have been replaced but the uppers leak pretty significantly. Motor runs pretty strong with no smoke so that's good. My question is one of opinion.....I want to restore this to give to my son...he is 4 ....on his 16th birthday. The plan is to fix the rust, replace interior carpet and new seat fabric, swap out front and rear axes for one's with disk brakes and give it a paint job. Should I swap out the stock motor for something with parts more readily available(say a small block chevy) so when it needs fixing down the road they more accesible or should I keep the original. Trying to keep this thing under 10K in cost but I also have 12yrs to do it in. Just looking for option in and guidance from people who have done this before so I don't do wasteful things. Did this with a jeep in college and spent way more money than was necessary doing unneeded things but this is a different animal as parts are not sure easy to find I guess.
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