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  1. Thanks for the info on the stickers and engine parts. What was the final verdict about the cam trust spring and button?
  2. Awesome build John! I MUST have a couple of those "Dauntless V6" stickers for my motor. Where did you get them??? I'm also interested in where you sourced your internal components for the rebuild? I have heard from some guys on Pirate 4x4 and early CJ5 page that the rebuild kits (rings, bearings, pistons, connecting rods) are not of as high of a quality as these motors become scarce. I think that Idea come from handling original OEM pistons and rods (weight) vs aftermarket parts. What are your thoughts and experience?
  3. Awesome build thread! how did this one turn out? I guess the block was just honed and not bored? You reused the pistons and connecting rods? where did you get your rebuild kit? I've heard that quality parts are tough to come by, if not completely hopeless. I'm building a CJ2a right now using a Buick 225 out of a CJ5. The motor is running, but I want to learn as much as I can. I am about to just replace all of the oil related external gaskets while the motor is on the engine stand and do a good evaluation of the internals while the oil pan, intake, and valve covers are off. Not planning on removing the heads as of right now. Ill get the Willys running and driving (frame off project) and use this motor as is for right now. I can do a motor rebuild down the road when the motor is the only thing I have to focus on.
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