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  1. Hey thanks for the advice finally made progress in took my distributor and coil pack off and swapped them out cause they were under warranty rest the timing and now it fires right up
  2. The injectors are changed still having issues with a cold start and it has a miss fire when I'm on the throttle my buddy swapped me crank sensors for the fun of it mine worked just fine in his wrangler and there was no change in mine the relays are no longer clicking guessing a bad connection
  3. Well got it checked out only thing electrical that failed was cyl. 1 injector I got a set of 6 coming. Now on to the weird when I first posted my question it was mid 30's outside when I was having issues getting the jeep to start. On Wednesday it was high 50's and it fired right up no problem. The other thing that slipped my mind is why is the fuel pump and starter or it may be the ASD istead of the starter relay clicking really fast for about a minute when I prime the pump. Only does it if it's colder outside
  4. The check engine light does work but isn't throwing a code but I have a guy with a snap on scanner going to hook up and see what he can fine. I double checked all my ground points and made sure they had a clean surface. I did have the pcm unhooked and only disconnected things needed to remove body from frame. Thank you Moses for the input it gives me a few ideas to start at. I'll double plug connection is there a spray or cleaner you recommend for electrical
  5. I own a 1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ 4.0L just got it reassembled after repainting I'm having 1 issue it's starting hard I replaced the iac valve no change when it starts firing it only sounds like a few cylinders until it warms up i have to keep my foot on the throttle slightly it sometimes back fires but once it's warm it runs perfectly fine. I don't have a vapor canister in it cause it got lost could that be my issue?
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