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  1. Sorry it took so long to update this "Working is such a good thing,,lol" over this weekend I checked all the plugs-plug wires and cap and rotor, all were good and new, as I thought but could not remember. I changed a few vacuum lines, not much help. I changed the MAP sensor thinking it might help with stumbling while driving, it did not help. I am waiting to get it in a friends shop so we can get under it to check the CPS and all the wires and plugs under it. Including the ones that go to the tranny, as well as all ground wires. I am thinking I should go ahead and replace the CPS while I can, because it is old and not that much. From there, if it does not fix the problem. I will follow your lead ok? Thanks again
  2. That's great to hear, the truck is a 2wd long bed. As soon as I can i am going to check all plugs including wires and Dist cap, then check the wire plugins for oil because when the front trans bearing and converter went out it soaked the whole trans with fluid. Besides all the plugins are old, and I am reading up on the CPS now and plan on checking the timing as well. I don't have any rattle when it starts. What throws me for a loop is the shifting problem only happens after it warms up! Just got home from work, have to shower and eat, I hope to know more in the upcoming days, and will keep posting info as i get it. Thanks again
  3. thank you for your help and thoughts! I did not pull codes before changing converter. The back fuel pump shows how much gas is in the tank, but does not pump. The person I bought the truck from said he thought some one put sugar in the tank! which makes me believe the check valve is bad or the pick up is clogged or the whole thing is just old and needs replaced! I think I remember draining the tank but not sure, now the tank shows almost full. which leads me to think I might be loosing pressure from the front pump through the check valve. In any case I will replace the pump and clean the tank! The motor is a straight 6. I will do a compression check, to make sure. I replace the motor when it rolled over at 300k with a short block and it ran good. I will also check and record all I have checked. the truck has a 250 rear end and I like it, I'm just not the smart kid on the block when it comes to transmission and motors! I still work so I figure this will take some time, I hope you can find the time to keep me going in the right direction. I do want to retire with this truck in good order. I will check all I can and post back as soon as I can. again Thank you for all you do! I will have a look at the CPS but 1st have to figure out where it is,,,lol.
  4. Hello, I just joined and am in need of help with my 94 f-150 with e40d trans and EFI, i changed the steering wheel and did not plug up the OD button, but it shifts into over drive at 45 to 55 mph. it stumbles and/or stalls in reverse and 1st gears! how ever it only does this after it warms up. when i 1st start it and it is cold it works fine, it only does this after it gets warmed up. Then when i drive and get to around 50 to 65 mph and just try to maintain those speeds it stumbles much like it has a miss jerking the truck! I just changed the torque converter and trans fluid. fluid is full. The fluid I put in it is "Valvoline Max Life full synthetic DEX/MERC, Mercon' LV". oh and about 6 years ago i put in a new solenoid pack. but after warm up, if i pull it down in 1st gear at a dead stop with foot on brake, it stumbles then it will catch back up and stumble again, same in reverse, sometimes it dies. I changed 'IAC' with new one and cleaned body. I looked for air leaks as best I could, but since I,m 69 years old i can't hear that good any more lol. I could not find any. I tried to pull codes with the only tester i have a "INNOVA 3145 Ford Digital Code Reader", it plugs in under the hood. codes I got was 6-10-542-634, then did it again and done the brake an gas flooring and got 225 no knock code and 632 no OD plugged up. I don't know how to pull codes for the transmission! My 1st Q is, will not having the OD plugged up cause this? If not where do I go from here? Thanks for any help
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