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  1. I am currently in the process of fitting a ford 8.8 with the necessary brackets to fit under the rear of my 01 Jeep TJ. In the interest of keeping cost down, I have decided to simply regear my front dana 30 to match. But before I run out and buy parts, I have a few questions. 1st, is that my rear 8.8 is a 4:10 ratio, and most sets I see for the 30 are 4:10 as well. I have been told that I have to offset my front to a 4:11 for some reason, but no one can explain why. all I've heard so far is that a 1% offset in ratio is "ok". is a matched ratio ok as well? if not, what do I do about this?
  2. Just touching base on this one once again. No one in my area seems to have the capability of testing, or being able to decipher results. So...Jeep has been sitting for a few months now while I've been occupied with other things. As of right now, I am in a position to get back to it and get this thing back on the road (or off the road as the case generally is with me). I am weighing options at this point. I went to the Sonnax website to try to price the needed upgrades, but they don't list a 32RH trans. I Know that this trans is SIMILAR to others, but I'm not sure exactly what parts will inter
  3. Awesome!!!, thanks man. The trans is still in my Jeep at the moment, so I will go have a talk with my trans guy and see what he has to say about testing in the chassis. Guess we'll go from there. I really appreciate your input, thanks again.
  4. Thank you for your input. Your assistance and Guidance is much appreciated!!! I had my friend at the shop install a vent fitting during the water ingress rebuild, to which I attached a line running up the firewall. I didn't however use a check in it so I will definitely be doing that in the future. As for the connectors... I Have a bit of experience working with high and low voltage electrical systems in a marine environment, so we are on the same wavelength there. They were sprayed with contact cleaner, blown out, I didn't see any specific trash or corrosion, so I coated the connectors with d
  5. I Can't believe that after owning my TJ for 4 years now, and being a member of numerious other forums that I am only just now finding this page and it's wealth of information. I Have searched around a bit, and while I have found a lot of useful info, I haven't quite seen what I'm after, so I figure that my best bet is to specifically ask, but 1st, Let me take tis opportunity to express my appreciation and respect. WOW!!!! I see a lot of questions, and a lot of great & knowledgable answers. KUDOS! Great job! Now, as stated before, I stumbled across this page earlier today while on my way to
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