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  1. My ECM's 5V reference falls to 1.5V with the fuel level sender plugged in. (Just replaced - old one was open.) I get an Ohms reading of 70 Ohms at the ECM connector (disconnected from ECM) with all circuits connected. That means I'm only drawing about 75 mA from the reference but it falls to 1.5 VDC. I haven't taken an Ohms reading with the fuel level sender disconnected since the reference comes back to 5VDC with it disconnected. (70 Ohms seems reasonable with less than half a tank of gas- the sender is 40 Ohms at empty.) WHAT IS THE CURRENT RATING FOR THE 5 VOLT REFERENCE CIRCUIT?? If no one knows can someone with a 96-98 Tracker, disconnect the center connector (there are three) from the ECM and take an Ohms reading from your reference circuit (gray/red wire) to ground (I used the steel dash plate - under the steering wheel, directly behind the plastic panel). Please include the fuel gage reading at the time for your vehicle (it makes a big difference, 270 vrs. 40 ohms). THANX . . . Hoping it's NOT the ECM . . . but it looks bad.
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