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  1. Hey Moses, Been a long while since we chatted. Not a lot has been done to the old girl but it's time. Considering a move to Arizona to get away from the rain here in coastal Oregon. Looks like I have decided on the SM420 as per your recommendation. I have an email out to Advanced Adapters to get things rolling. Any other advice you have for me now that I have decided on a direction for the build would be appreciated. Is there anything I need to look out for when purchasing a 420 as far as types or are they basically the same? Thanks once again in advance for the help. James
  2. Thanks, I will check these out. I also have an email in for a parts request with J&W Auto Wreckers in Antelope, Ca. I got their information through Crown Automotive. Maybe I will get lucky. James
  3. Hey John, Looks like you are doing some nice work on your Jeep. I have just started work on a 66 CJ5 and I ran into a very similar problem as you did. I also have the T86AA and it has a destroyed 1st,reverse gear. I have been able to find all of the required parts for a rebuild except for the fabled gear itself. Do you have and ideas for where I might look as it seems you were successful in you search. Any info would be helpful. Thanks, James
  4. Well, I have made the decision to take my time and not rush this rebuild. There are enough issues that to rush on this area would be detrimental to another so I guess I am in for the long haul. I pulled the valve covers and no real surprises. I will pull the plugs tomorrow just to see what they look like. I hooked a battery up and it turned over without to much issue so that encouraging. As far as the body tub I think I am going to be ok with the one I have. A little cutting here and weld a patch there and I think I can keep her going. I have also decided to do a body off rebuild so I can get her better protected from the moisture here. I really appreciate your input and willingness to share your knowledge. Now I just have to listen to it. lol Thanks again, James
  5. Thanks Moses, given me a lot to think about and research. Eagerly awaiting the book. James
  6. So I was able to get things opened up and get some pictures of the devastation in the T86. I also shot some better pictures of the T90 that I have as well. I have seem multiple post from people saying that the guts from a T90 and fit inside a T86 with no problems. Can that be true? As far as I can tell at this point the reverse idler gear, low and reverse sliding gear and the cluster gear in the T86 are banged up and need replacement. The T90 actually looks ok except for some very superficial rust and a few missing parts that seem to be available. Now for the big question. Is it at all an option to rebuild the T90 guts in the T86 Housing since I have most of the parts and just need to find a way to clean them up if possible? Or is it possible to just rebuild the T90 and put it in place of the T86without an adapter expense? I am getting a parts cleaning cabinet next week that will be able to use various media to clean up the rust. Can the internal parts of the T90 be cleaned with soda blasting or walnut? Are you getting tired of me yet? lol I know you feel I should go with the sm420 and work with Advanced Adapters. I guarantee that is going to happen in the near future, say within the next year. I just have a need to look into all aspects of this rebuild situation for my own piece of mind. Not to mention the experience I will gain. If additional pictures would help just let me know what you need. As always thanks my friend, James
  7. Well, if nothing else come from this adventure it is nice to get to know another Nevadan. As far as the transmission I have no problem looking for a used SM420 to rebuild since a rebuild is in the cards regardless. If you have some ideas where to look that have served you well in the past the info would be appreciated. I will start the search on this side as well. Once I get your book I will start a plan for dropping the old T86 so I can get busy on other things. Unfortunately I don't think I can rule out a rebuild on the T86 at this time. Was hoping I might have the needed part in the T90 disaster I showed you. Wont know till I get inside the crazy thing. Brakes come to mind, lol. I have the old single reservoir so it might be a good time to upgrade. Also need to brake down all the systems at the wheels so I have plenty to keep me busy. If I get real ambitious we may take the body off completely so I can give the frame some lovin as well. Hope you have a great day, James P.S. Just wanted to let you know I am in no way partial to Novak, they are just the ones that popped up on the google search first.
  8. I appreciate the info. I was on the Novak site looking at their transmissions an see that they can set me up with everything I need and all new for about 2 grand. They are also recommending the GM Muncie SM465 Transmission as a newer option and at a bit of a price break. Unfortunately they are both out of my range right now and I think I will have to rebuild the T86 to keep a bit under control budget wise. I will wait for your book that I ordered today from Amazon before I make the final decision. I will also check out your links to Advanced Adapters as well. As far as the fiberglass tub the electrical issue doesn't bother me. That's the one thing I do well with is electrical issues. Spent some time as a com/Nav tech with the Nevada Air Guard there in Reno after my time in the Army. Once again thank you for your great info, I wish more were as helpful and knowledgeable as you. Who knows, maybe some day you will get to see this crazy Jeep in person. Thanks again, James
  9. Thank you for the info Moses. Hannah and I broke out the wrenches and started removing body panels to uncover the guts of the issues with the jeep. Unfortunately the rust is a bit more extensive on the tub than expected but workable for the time being. What do you think of the fiberglass tubs? Would certainly fix the rust issue. Just curious for the future. We did pull the floor panel and you were dead on with the transmission. It is indeed a T86AA-1B. From what I have been reading you can not replace it with a T90 easily. Looks like I will be rebuilding the T86 and doing a transmission upgrade some time in the future. I also saw the brake master cylinder on the frame under the rig, whose idea was that??? It looks to be original as well so I will just replace it due to its age. If you have better ideas for the transmission situation I am all ears. I have seen that the T86 is synchronized in 2nd and 3rd. What does that mean for first and what's the drawback? Going to pull the fenders and take some pics tomorrow. Thanks again , James
  10. Wow! We have traveled some of the same paths. I am actually a Nevada native originally from East Ely. Bach when Ely was big enough to have an east and west! We are now living in Beaver, Oregon just a few miles from Sand Lake, a nice proving ground for the Jeep once she is up to it. It just so happen that I just purchased a 1995 F250 7.3 a few months ago so I see I will be buying another of your books. She is road worthy but needs some attention engine and suspension wise. As far as the transmission on the Jeep I am rather embarrassed to say I have not uncovered the casting number as of yet. When I purchased the her I was told by the owner that he had most of the parts to the "same" transmission and he would throw them in. I will include the casting picture which shows it as a T-90a-1 so I assumed that the jeep had the same. Of course we all know what happens when you assume things. I have already been doing some thinking about a transmission upgrade just so the engine wont have to work as hard on the highway but first things first. I want to get the engine back to life. As I said before the she has probably sat for almost three years with only a few minutes of run time at time of purchase. It seemed as though the oil was not getting to the top of the engine so I didn't run her long. I just wanted to heard her start up. I have been told to run a little unleaded gas in the oil to free up the gunk!? Sounds a little fishy to me but you know how old time shade tree mechanics can be. I can see why it might work. I will include some more in depth pics of the engine so you can correct my bad assumptions. All this talk about the jeep is getting me wrench crazy! Have a good one, James
  11. Thank you for the reply. I have looked at many of your post and you are certainly the man when it comes to this. I will send off for the rebuilders guide as soon as I find a copy, I am guessing Amazon? If there are better places to get these books let me know. It will be nice having the proper materials and expert advice to get things done correctly. Have a great day and I look forward to this adventure. James
  12. Well, here goes. About three years ago I purchased a 1966 CJ5 while living in North Eastern Nevada. I have always wanted a project Jeep and when I ran across this one for $900 that was brought to life the same year I was I had to jump in with both feet. There is no doubt that she needs work. I know that the T90 transmission needs to be rebuilt and the rest of the drive line could use some tlc as well. The only rust issue she really has is on both rear corners near the tail gate. She has the Dauntless engine and the prior owner thought it had been rebuilt but I have no info on when or to what extent. The previous owner said that at one time it was his daily driver as well as his trail rig till he tore up 2nd gear and it has been sitting for most of a year. That's was two years ago and has since ben trailered to it's new home in coastal Oregon. I know that when I purchased the vehicle we were able to get her to start up without much work but I remember shutting her down because of the odd sounding engine. Turns out that's just the way they sound I guess. I am not in a real rush to get her goin nor do I have the facilities at this time to rip her apart and spread parts all over the place. Ultimately I am looking for a summer daily driver to work which is maybe two miles round trip and a trail vehicle for minimally aggressive trails. Here is the issue. I have found tons of material on complete tare down and that is something I would like to do in the future. Right now I would love to find info on how to logically and safely get her ready for the very light road work she will be doing. All the while I will be getting deeper and deeper into rebuilds and upgrades but not right at first. I have the Jeep Bible 3rd edition as well as the Haynes manual. I will be looking for some shop manuals as will. Does anyone have any others Ideas of good books or anything that might point me in the direction I need to be going? I have added some pictures, any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, James McFarland
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