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  1. New fuel filter and no engine light however it did back fire out of throttle body ?
  2. It seems to want to go it has no noise what so ever just after about 20 min it doesn't want to accelerate
  3. Repair the EGR tube change the crank position sensor still loses power but the vehicle strength seem stronger
  4. Ok where is it supposed to be located and just found egr valve tube leak would that also be a cause thank u
  5. I have an 89 wrangler yj 4 cylinder manual I have replaced plugs wires rotor fuel tank pump sending unit tps o2 sensor map sensor fuel relay fuel pressure regulator idle air control it is fine when at idle but when it warms up and you drive it wants to quit out at 10,000 rpms please any and all suggestions welcome
  6. Not happy with my jeep
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