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  1. Thanks again Moses, The guy is sending me the original stuff from his 73 1200. His is auto, mine is manual. I cant imagine that mattering. Im going to use a new (rebuilt from Orielys) booster and cylinder. The part number is bhh50-3114. Other searches say the same part number as cross reference.
  2. Thanx Moses, was having a hard time navigating the site.i found a guy with all the parts and hopefully I can find a way to get them from San Francisco to LA. I've been scouring to find the part info but can't find it....the engine side is confirmed just don't k own about the pedal and linkage....it'd be great if you could send me the linkage info you have! Thanx!
  3. hey all, just got a 1972 international 1210 345 v8 2wd all drum pickup. It has manual brakes, and I was going to put a booster on it....just found out that there's a bracket that goes between the firewall and the booster.....if I find that bracket is it a direct fit? Thanx for the help! PS do you always have to look at the pics of the rigs and scroll down to the topic?
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