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  1. We are finishing up rebuilding our ax-5 transmission and are wondering what you think is the best oil we should put in it? We see many different opinions on this. The jeep will just be a light use, no long hard trips or excursions. Thanks
  2. We are looking to purchase a rebuilt (or used)AX 5 Transmission for our 1990 YJ jeep wrangler. Any suggestions as to where to purchase from?
  3. you were so much help with our jeep wrangler thought maybe you could help with ranger question. We have a 1998 ranger 3.0 efi. It started to start hard . If you turn key on a couple times it starts right up. I did a fuel pressure test. When I turn key first time gauge goes to 25, second time 50, third time 55 then it starts normal. While it is running it goes to 63 and stays there whether the rpms are slow or fast. When you shut off pressure drops very slowly. I'm thinking a new fuel pump is in my future unless you have a better idea. Thanks!
  4. Hi Moses, We got the ECU repaired. Got the idle set. New plugs and plug wires. It seems to be running! (knock on wood.) Next step is a new transmission but we are happy it is running as well as it is. Thank you so much for all your help!
  5. Guess they can't repair Jeep ECU's "I am sorry, but we do not sell ECU's, and we cannot repair the Jeep models. Mari Module Master / Circuit Solutions" Probably for the best as the ECU that is in this jeep isn't original. We will look into the resistance testing and see what we can find there. Thanks!
  6. Hi Moses, we are back! We were able to find a exerciser tool on ebay, so we bought that. IAC seems to work fine with the test tool. Tested the voltage at the ECU and the IAC test port and the plugin for the IAC. The voltage with engine running and cold was 9.65 at all three places. Voltage as the engine warmed up it went up to 9.85 on the retract side. On the extend side it started out at 0.08, cold. As it warmed up it went up to 0.10. As the engine warmed up the voltage went up slowly. It stayed the same at all three test ports. The IAC doesn't move while hooked up to the jeep. With the tester it worked fine. Do you think the ECU bad? If we took the ECU in to a Jeep dealer would they test it? We did test the grounds, cleaned the contacts and they seem to be ok. Thanks, yet again!
  7. Good morning, Moses. Last night we pulled ECU and unplugged and plugged it back in and the IAC still doesn't seem to do anything. Do you think it is possible that we ruined something when I "jumpered" it across in the test ports to test it since we don't have access to a exerciser test tool. Somewhere we read we could do that. Now we are afraid we messed up something. We are getting power to the plug that you plug into the IAC but it doesn't extend or retract. Could the ECU bad? Can we set the IAC (ISA) without the tool? We did use your instructions and it did extend but didn't retract, so we bought a new IAC and installed it and it isn't doing anything now. Maybe we got a bad one. Thank you again.
  8. Well we have replaced the Manifold Air Temperature Sensor. It seemed to run better but still choked down during shifting and idled high. So we bought a new Idle Air Control and installed it. It starts and runs at 3,500 rpm and doesn't idle down. Tested the plug and getting 5 volts to the retract side (with key on engine off) and ground tests good but the controller doesn't move. We did the jumper wire test on the test ports and are getting 12.5 volts to the plug on both the retract and extend. The idle air control doesn't move at all. It is also showing 5 volts to the wide open throttle switch port with the key on. So sorry to keep bothering you... but we sure appreciate all the help.
  9. D2 wonders if her people are ever going to get her jeep running so she can go for longer rides.......
  10. Our "bargain jeep" is proving to be challenging! We tested the sensors and hope we have found the problem. The MAT sensor does read less than 1000. It reads 0.00. So we are looking to replace that - only to find out it isn't available?! Any thoughts to where might we find a replacement? Thank you for all you help. Hopefully we'll get this issue taken care of, then this winter we can take care of the issue we knew about, the transmission!
  11. OK, we have installed a throttle body re-build kit, gaskets and pressure regulator, seals. Thoroughly cleaned the throttle body. We pressure tested fuel input, stayed at 16 lbs during key on, engine start, idle and high idle. Checked return flow, it has a good flow through all stages, key on, engine start, idle and high idle. Also checked the fuel return line to the tank. Replaced plugs. Checked injector for spray pattern, seems to be good with no hesitation. Tested the throttle position sensor and it is in the recommended range. Jeep still chokes down when shifting. Sometimes if you ease on accelerator when shifting it picks up and runs sometimes it chokes down. At times, when starting, if you don't hold down the accelerator just right it dies and then does not want to start again. Any other thoughts? When just driving down the road normal it usually runs well. Sometimes it runs well while shifting, when it doesn't it is very frustrating. Especially when it decides not to start. It is very sporadic and temperamental. Thank you for any further ideas. We really appreciate it. We think we get it running good and then the next day it starts all over again.
  12. We checked the fuel pressure and it stayed right at 16 lbs at startup, idle and high rpm. The spark plugs aren't sooty or wet. Drove it up the hill and it ran fine as long as you accelerate slowly when you step on it a bit more (like starting on a hill) it chokes down again, then goes to idling fast.
  13. We have a 1990 Jeep Wrangler YJ, 2.5, Throttle Body, 5 speed. Sometime when we shift gears and accelerate it chokes down, like it isn't getting enough gas. We have tried cleaning the Throttle Body, the crankshaft speed sensor, changed fuel filter, cleaned air cleaner and ran sea foam through it. It still does it. Also, sometimes, when you start it, it dies then it starts really hard, lots of cranking, it is almost like it floods. Any suggestions? Thoughts?
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