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  1. Dear Moses, I am sorry for the late update, the past time was pretty hectic. Thank you very much for all of your great and detailed advices on what to check when examining an XR650R for sale! As I wrote earlier, I went to Italy to buy one of the two. I have bought the more expensive one with the Supermoto extras, but the other was in better overall shape, and would have been a wiser choice. Unfortunately I went to see the Supermoto too and I felt like I am in love right away! My rational thinking vanished, my mind shut down and all I saw was the dream forming a physical shape. I did not regret it, however there is not one day for me without thinking about the other one I left there, so It seems like eventually I will buy that one as well. Not because I can afford it, but because I cannot live with the thought that I left it here. I might sell it afterwards, but I definitely bring that baby home too Anyways, with my new XR650R (Dall’ara) I spent a few weeks to make it as close to street legal shape as possible and get its license plate and documents straight, make myself the owner. It might not seem a biggie but here in Hungary it is a bureaucratic maze.. I had the chance to ride it for a few times, but - even if I want to learn to do all the maintenance on it - I prefer a qualified and experienced professional examining it first for safety reasons and tuning the bike properly. I have a great guy, but he lives pretty far from where I live and I am pretty busy with work and family so it is a slow process. Hopefully during the winter I will be able to do all the modifications I intended and will be riding all next season. Currently I am gathering information on all the tools I will need to purchase for the job and preparing the garage. I just wanted to let you, and the Forum readers know about it and post you a picture of my babies, one on top of the other ps: This post ended up to be kinda offtopic, I am sorry for that. [sharedmedia=garage:vehicles:67]
  2. Dear Mr. Moses Ludel! First of all, thank you for making these awesome videos, I really liked them! In the one, where you one-kick start the xr, if only there would have been some explanation too, I hear lots of people are strugling with that. Yesterday I subscribed to some of you videos on vimeo, because I would like to learn to be my own mechanic. I am about to buy a Honda xr650r bike on this monday, for this I am traveling 1300 kilometers to Italy and back home. I wish if only I have found your videos on Vimeo and these forums earlier! I am very excited about the trip. I do not want to bore (all of) you with personal details, it is enough that I fell in love with this bike and I cant wait to have my own. I have very little knowledge about what should I pay attention to, when selecting the bike, so because of this, I kindly ask your guidance. There are two brp models that I am going to choose from. One of them (Bike A) costs 2500, the other (Bike costs 3400 euros. Bike A is close to factory state - as far as I can tell - with 11000 km only. Bike B is around 25000 km but spoiled with lots of supermoto extras. No blue smoke, no cylinder jingle that I noticed by neither of them. (I asked the sellers to send me high res pictures and video with the engine running.)e Because at first I am planning to use the bike as a supermoto, I consider the two of them equals, because I will buy the extras either way. Both of them are street legal, and documents are fine. However I prefer Bike A, I would like the adventure of building my own supermoto. Either I use it at first as an SM or as an enduro, I am sure I will learn to ride a bike really well. (I only had naked and speed bikes earlier.) So may I ask your advice, Please, what should I really pay attention to when checking them? What noise or rusty-ness should I give special attention, and basically how should I compare the bikes of totally different cost ranges? Tomorrow, I have an opportunity to take a peek on two other xr650r in my home country, so the ones I will see in Italy should not be the first time I ever see a BRP in life Blind love, it is what it is Thank you very much! Kind regards, Sandor
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