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  1. Hi Moses, thanks for your kindly reply. A feedback regarding other checks completed : - TPS seems ok (output voltage ranging from 0.4 at idle to 4.6 in WOT ). - Fuel pressure …perfect ….!!! 14.5 PSI - Vacuum in air manifold , bad news : fast vibrations of gauge needle between 14-20 inHg at 800 rpm , steady at higher rpm , opening and closing drop to 2 and raise to 25 à so i suppose a leak in valves guides ( or seats ?) , not surprising for such high engine mileage ….( I don’t know if the head was never rebuilt)…anyway we are treating about a vintage car and some imperfections must be accepted ..! Regarding O2 sensor i did not find any additional info , but i saw an other 1990 yj without and so i assume it's a standars for export at that time A question : do you think that valve leakage can cause the problem in object during low rpm ride ? Thanks again luca
  2. Dear Moses First of all , a lot of compliments for your forum , where i found many useful info I am a recent italian owner of a wrangler YJ 2.5 TBI . The car has 185000 miles and run pretty fine , except for a irregular ride at low stable throttle opening : i.e. mantaining the engine stationary at 1500 or 2000 rpm (in 1st or 2th gear ) the car jerks and hiccups ; if accelerating and in wide open condition the engine response and power became ok. This happens in both cold or warm engine . The jeep is equipped with an alternative fueling system by Liquefied Petroleum Gas ( rather common in italy for saving reasons) , switching to LPG fuel the car run perfectly on all throttle conditions , and considering that LPG require a perfect ignition system , i exclude any spark system issue. The jeep is without O2 sensor and catalystic converter ( as far as i know this is a standard for '90 export in italy ) A list of checks done: - vacuum hoses \ PVC \ air intake sys \ EGR & canister solenoid \ wide open throttle switch - at idle or full open throttle all is ok , so i exclude fuel line , pump or filter issues . - injector spray patters seems good - no leakage or unrestrictions appears at exhaust or intake manifolds Can You kindly suggest where focus troubleshooting and address additional tests ? ( may be fuel pressure or TPS sensor ??? ) thanks in advance luca
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