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  1. Good news !! I dropped the oil pan, and unbolted the oil pick up screen. The gasket was there, but the hole was blocked. I must have made the gasket way back when, and forgot to cut out the center hole. I felt mega stupid, but it all went away when I turned the key and the gauge read 30+ psi. Thanks again for all of your advice. Best , Whit
  2. Hi Moses, First of all, thanks for all of your help on this frustrating issue. Answers to your questions above : The lower prime point I used is the oil pressure sending port on the block. I did rotate the crankshaft by hand, and got oil at the rocker closest to the firewall only. Also, got oil flow into the oil filter canister. I could hear the oil pushing into the oil pan, and about 3 quarts flowed in quite quickly. I also connected the priming tank to the oil pressure gauge, to be sure the gauge (new) is not faulty and the connections are tight. I got a reading of 40 psi, which is what I put in the tank. There is no plug on the oil pump to serve as a priming point, and I haven't yet tried priming it through the pressure regulator. By virtue of the fact that the oil filter canister had flow, the pump must be working. Having seen the flow at the oil filter, I reassembled everything and checked the gauge again.....no oil pressure turning over by hand, or with motor running (briefly) I will try priming through the square headed plug in the block tomorrow. Whit
  3. Hi Moses, I followed your advice and got a priming tank. I primed in the two spots shown in the photo (at the oil pressure sender port om the block, and also at the head in the crankshaft to head oil line). I could only get a flow of oil in one place as shown in the picture. Even so, I was hopeful, but I am still getting no oil pressure on the gauge. The oil pump is brand new, so I doubt that is the problem. Should I drop the oil pan and check the pick up screen ? (I did clean it once already). Or maybe prime through one of the galley plugs in the block ? Thanks, Whit
  4. Ok, I followed your advice, and used a hand suction pump (in reverse) to put pressure as you described. But I get no oil on the rocker shaft. I also tried using a compressor, but was afraid to go above 10 psi. Should I use more pressure ? I don't want to cause another problem. BTW, when I replaced the oil pump, I primed it with vaseline (I think, it was some time ago). Thanks for your thoughts. Kind regards, Whit
  5. Please advise how to prime the oil pump (through the galleys) on my 53 cj3b. I installed a new pump, but it has been sitting for 2 years and I get no pressure.
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