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I came to this group for info on a pending Cummins into a 2 Ton 1954 GMC conversion. I have other stuff,an '84 BroncWorth,an '81 Toyota 4X4 truck,a '78 Dodge W-200 Power Wagon,a '76 Chevy one ton flatbed,a '66 Pontiac Catalina,a '98 Harley FLSTC and half a dozen trailers. I'm FOR Personal Freedom and Personal Responsibility for that Freedom. I'm AGAINST all Gun Control and all Governmental Intrusion into peoples' lives. I LOVE to drive,DON'T love automatic transmissions and have driven,and delivered intact,some of the weirdest,scariest handling vehicles to ever turn a wheel.

    Other than that-not much to say. OH-taking applications for a quality Female House Mate. Must love cats AND dogs-I have six Cats and one Dog. They're family,they're keepers. (all good kids) Must be a Conservative. Liberals-don't bother. (I'm typing slowly so you can read this.) Buying my family Home from the Estate. (Long story-I'll explain it to my House Mate.)Safe neighborhood, I'm a gear-head,not a gardener. If YOU like to garden,I have some good GOOD soil,just no skill. I'm easy to live with. (Reference on request. Will want likewise from you.) Still friends with my ex.

   Speed         (Name relates to my driving style when I was a younger Man-NOT related to drugs-I don't use 'em,drink an occasional beer or two. (My last six'er lasted 8 months.)


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