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  1. Greetings from a newbie! I searched, and have been searching Google, for pictures on what the brackets look like for power steering pump/reservoir and air pump on a 1980 CJ5, 258 CID L6. I haven't been able to find any reference photos for this setup. I am swapping out the manual steering linkage and gear for that of power steering, from a 1979 CJ5 with a 305 V8. The steering gear box was a direct bolt in. I bought a different bracket off of ebay for the PS pump/reservoir for a 1980 CJ5 258. I managed to bolt on the pump/reservoir to the engine and it lines up perfectly to the water pump pulley. I would like to get the air pump back on, but I don't know if it attaches to this 'new' bracket that I bought. I attempted to use the original air pump bracket but it doesn't seem correct. So far, the PS steering linkage looks like it will work, but I need to replace the boot and bearing, which I already purchased. Does anyone have any reference photos for power steering/air pump combination for a 1980 CJ5? Do I need different bracketry altogether? Your help is appreciated in advance. Bob Plata
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