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  1. thanks guys for the info ths other dicussions were really helpful. the ool jeep jigger has 168,000 plus on it. stupid me hadn't even thought of changine the fuel filter but ive got ths stuff for a tuneup.let me get that done and ill let yall know if it helped or I know it cant hurt it. excuse my typing but I almost cut my index finger off and in a brace my typing and worth a flip to start with but anyhow thanks guys Bo US ARMY retired
  2. this is bocephus and I know someone has run into these problems any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. my 90 model whenyou start it it has to wind up bfore it starts then it runs up to abouy 2000 rpms then will settle down to about 1000 but it don't sound like it idles that high. next problem me and momma like to get out and just more or less idle around hardly ever get out of 2nd gear then when you do get ready to speed up it literally will not take the gas itll start jumping and bucking we can switch it off give 30 mins and it cranks and runs fine.problem 3 at highway speeds when you hit a hill and try yo accelerate itll kinda spit like theres water in the gas.ive talked to 2 different dealerships with theyre top mechanic and of course u get two completely different diagnosis. im not bad mouthing theyre techs but im a faie mechanic myself but this is my first jeep and I honestly do not have a clue.it does have a 195 thermostat ive checked for vac leaks can you check like the tps (ohm it) or how do you do that.ive only got about 4 hair left and they aint got a bright future. seriously whats your take on this thanks Bo
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