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  1. Moses, I have been a fan of your since I was a youngster reading my Father's "Off Road" magazines, and I have quite a few of your books. I have a question I was hoping you may be able to help out with. I have a '51 CJ3A that I got with a new Superlift 1.5" spring lift on it. The passenger front spring shackle was angled inward at the bottom. I loosened all of the U-bolts and shackle bolts in the hopes something was in a bind. I was unable to get it to straighten out. I then removed the passenger spring from the shackle at the bottom and removed the U-bolts on that spring. When the spring pin came out of the hole on the perch, the spring moved over in line with the now straight shackle. The spring perches on the stock Dana 25 measure .5" narrower than the springs. I have quite a bit of fabrication experience and am ready to cut the spring perches off the axle and reweld them on offset .25" per side. Before I start cutting and welding, is there an easier way to solve this issue? Thank you, Curt
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