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  1. Here's a link to a review...I'm really happy with this tool and would recommend it.... Dave http://forums.4wdmechanix.com/topic/594-steelman-wireless-chassisear/
  2. I recently purchased a Steelman Wireless ChassisEAR 97202 to help identify where a noise in my drive train was coming from (2006 dodge ram 2500 cummins 5.9L 4X4 quad cab long bed 48RE auto.) The tool was around $200 on Amazon. I had a groan/grind noise that occurred when power applied and just before shift from 2nd to 3rd, from 3rd to 4th and in 4th when torque converter locked. Myself and my mechanic agreed that it was rear pinion bearings...around 185,000 miles on bearings. Changed rear pinion bearings and sound was still there. I recently had a 5" aluminum single piece rear drive shaft put on...the mechanic said that the noise was probably the large drive shaft acting as a megaphone and may not be an issue????? I ordered the ChassisEAR to help diagnose the noise. When I received the tool I connected sensors to a number of areas...rear differential, output shaft area of the transfer case, middle of the transfer case and output shaft area on the transmission. For the most part all sensors were quiet except the middle of the transfer case sensor. Could clearly hear a stretched chain slapping around and especially when the high speed load situation occurred. Wish I would have used the ChassisEAR first, before replacing the pinion bearings...actually, I'm fine with preventative maintenance and bearings had 185,000 miles, so no big deal. I'm extremely happy with this new tool and would highly recommend it.... Dave
  3. I attached a ChassisEAR sensor to a number of places this evening. I think I have determined the problem. No noise on the differential, a little noise on the transfer case near the drive shaft, a ton of noise towards the middle of the transfer case. I'm pretty sure I can hear a stretched out chain in the transfer case slapping around...and most definitely slapping around at the same time that I can hear the noise that I described earlier. Tomorrow I'll bring to the mechanic and have them take apart the transfer case...probably a rebuild is in order anyway with 185,000 miles... Thanks for your help. Dave
  4. Thanks for your replies, Moses and Dustin. Truck is not lifted. Around 185,000 miles. I do have an Edge Juice with Attitude. However, I am very easy on the truck. I generally have it on level 3-Drive. I have a truck camper and when it's on the back of the truck I set the level to 2-Tow. Again, am very gentle with the truck...never push the pedal hard or go wide open throttle. I started to pay close attention to vibrations/sounds when I installed the new driveshaft around 1,500 miles ago. That's the first time I heard the noise, but, it is possible the noise was there before. I have the old driveshaft and am going to swap out to see if the noise is still there and/or as loud. I also ordered a wireless Steelman ChassisEAR http://www.steelmantools.com/wireless-chassisear.html . I'll put the clips/sensors on the differential near the pinion bearing, on the transfer case output shaft close to the bearing, etc,...to see if I can determine where the sound is coming from. I do lock the hubs for a few miles once a month or so just to be sure front u-joints, differential and transfer case stay lubed, etc.... I'll let you know what I find out next week when I use the ChassisEAR. Thanks, Dave
  5. I installed this same drive shaft. 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins 5.9 and 48RE transmission. Removed two piece and installed Drive Shaft Specialists' one piece aluminum with 1480 Spicer u-joints. No vibration, however, there is a bearing growl noise that occurs when power applied and one of the following...shift from 2nd to third, third to fourth or fourth when torqure converter locks...generally this happens around 1,400 - 1,800 rpms (I don't think the RPMs has much to do with the noise, but more the power applied putting pressure on a bearing somewhere.) Drive shaft was installed and then I noticed the noise. Since then I've replaced the pinion bearings with proper pre-load, also replaced ring and pinion in rear. New TrueTrack differential. Mechanics say it's not any bearings after the drive shaft.... They say the large 5 inch diameter drive shaft will act like a megaphone and enhance any noise, but they say no bearing issues in the rear... I called Drive Shaft Specialists and they confirmed that the large drive shaft will act like a megaphone, and most likely there is a bearing issue some where. Transmission was rebuilt about 12,000 miles ago. I guess the next step is to work with the transmission shop to see if a bearing is bad in the transmission??? No metal in the trans fluid??? Not sure what to look at next...what do you think? Could this be a noise within the torque converter (two layer billet converter)??? Note, I do have a Yukon Free Wheel hub installed, so front differential does not spin when in 2wd. Thanks, Dave
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